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All it takes is a few dollars as well as a trip to the hardware store and you can be in possession of a device that had set many an electrical engineer’s heart palpitating. However, don’t expect to hear about this great appliance in the media or on those television advertisements. This secret had been locked in the annals of history and which has been re-discovered through careful research and analysis.

This epiphany came in 1934, when the renowned Yugoslavian scientist Nikola Tesla made the most revolutionary announcement the electronic world had ever heard:
The Generation Of Free Energy Is Possible!
Now Every Home In The World Can Light Up Using Only
The Power Generated From The Atmosphere Itself!
You can imagine the shocked expressions on the faces of that time’s electric ‘bigwigs’ when they heard this. They were living it big soaking up all the profits their ‘generated’ electricity was creating while the common man worked day and night to make use of it! They had to do something to make sure that their posh lifestyle wasn’t taken away from them.
What did they do? Those billionaires did everything they could to make sure this concept didn’t become common knowledge by fleecing Tesla for every cent he had! Not only did they withdraw all the funding they had promised him, but they also went so far as to ridicule his revolutionary ideas! All this was done to ensure they never had to bow down to an alternative source of potentially FREE energy.

Well, they may have succeeded in stamping down on
the poor scientist, but they were not able to completely bury the secret that could’ve made him invincible. Just recently, a group of esteemed scientists were able to unearth secret documents that prove this type of energy generation is still possible to attain!

Just think! After so many years of working tirelessly to pay off that huge electricity bill, you can be in possession of a device that will do away with thatbill completely! No more sweating it out waiting for that postman to come with the dreaded envelope! Just build a Tesla generator and you can have all the free energy you could hope for!
How does it Work?
Imagine you’re floating in space and looking down upon the beautiful earth. You are surrounded by more stars than you have even seen as well as astral bodies you never thought existed. Now take a look at the Earth again. How many times is the planet completely dark?

The answer is NEVER! The sun always shines on one half of the planet and in effect is always generating large amounts of energy to recharge the Earth itself! The accumulated energy in the ionosphere serves to generate a constant electrical charge within the planet’s atmosphere. Know what that means? This is a ready source of FREE energy and you can harness it using the easy-to-make Tesla Generator!

How? It’s simple really. According to the newly discovered research notes, when the ‘net positive’ charge that is collected in the atmosphere collaborates with the ‘net negative’ charge in the Earth, it creates a ready
source of energy that can be harnessed and used to power your entire house!

Before Nikola Tesla discovered this amazing concept, there was virtually NO WAY to harness even a small amount of this amazing source of energy. Do you really want to see this revolutionary scientist’s discoveries go to waste? The thing is, most of this power is lost to the infinite depths of space and is lost forever. But guess what? You can be the only one able to harness that elusive energy! With just a few tweaks of the material this book can provide you with, you too can be privy to the secret that many would KILL to have!
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Let’s face it. Those huge electricity bills and expenses don’t seem they will be going down anytime soon. The recent economic meltdown didn’t help matters any either. That is why this is the ideal time to explore alternative (not to mention cheap) sources of energy that doesn’t require a huge wad of cash to pay off! Don’t remain in the middle ages! Lighten up your home with FREE electrical energy! The Tesla Generator blueprints in this eBook will ensure you see that vision fulfilled!
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Think about it! How much money do you think you can shave from your electricity bill if you decide to go with other sources of ‘alternative’ energy? Solar panels take a lot of cash to build AND install after all. Plus there’s the maintenance cost, breakdowns, thunderstorms and other things you probably don’t have the time to worry about.

The Tesla Generator Secret on the other hand, is suited to every individual’s needs. Not only does it provide a ready source of FREE energy, but you won’t have to do anything to it once the generator is installed! This device will completely change the way you look at this form of power that’s for sure!

How? How many energy sources do you know that:
Need less than $100 to make?
Is extremely adaptable?
Doesn’t break down at the first signs of unfavorable conditions and
can work throughout the night without the use of batteries?
Does not generate any fumes, radiation or other harmful agents other
solar powered sources usually do?
Generates FREE energy throughout the day and every day?
Here’s The Proof You Need!
Very few people have heard of the greatest genius the electronic industry had. Nikola Tesla was truly a man among men when it came to pushing the boundaries of innovation and for putting his revolutionary discoveries into practice. The reason why you didn’t read about him in the papers or the history books is because he was also successful in making very powerful enemies during his time. His ideas could have led them to the poor house if they didn’t do something about it!

The good news is that they were not able to stamp his existence completely! There is no way they can erase the existence of someone that put his whole heart and soul into making sure that each individual on this planet received FREE energy to power their homes with. His discovery of Alternative Current (AC) was a big thing at a time when people were forced to rely on expensive energy sources.

You can imagine the panic that would have set in their greedy little hearts. Unfortunately it also compelled them to use underhanded tricks to make sure that Tesla’s invention NEVER saw the light of day. They even went so far as to use AC current for execution purposes all in a bid to show how ‘dangerous’ that source of energy was (when in fact it wasn’t).

The good news is that they aren’t around to stop this technology from taking over! They may have managed to stamp down on this concept then, but they have no power now to stop you, or anyone else, from using it to your advantage! Now you can take hold of that FREE radiant energy using a device created from your very own hands!
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“My husband and I were quite worried about our rising electricity bill. The electrical company refused to bring their prices down but the Tesla generator we made solved all those problems without a hitch!” -Sarah Matthews-
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